Build Mobile Apps for your Online Store


Advanced Mobile Applications

Give your customers an option to download your online store into thier Mobile phones which can increase an easy of shopping and also an relevent marketing channels with push notifications for Merchent


Track your Traffic

Nationkart includes mobile commerce that can be linked with google anaylytics and can give you an cler review of traffic recived from Mobile Devices


Pre Synked data with web

Managing mobile commerce is easy for your store from anywherever you are.The best advantage is both your online store and Mobile App data is synked so things got updated in both the places automatically

Mobile commerce platform

Make your customers happy with mobile friendly online store

These days, mobile commerce trends are on the top, people want to be updated all time, so that they want each and everything on their mobile.

It is up to you to engage your customers on thier Mobiles so that your customers can visit your store from anywhere and whenever they want. Nationkart one of the best mobile commerce companies is providing mobile commerce platform which will help you to give pleasure to your customers.

Amazing Designs

Make your online store with powerful Mobile layout that can be adapted to any screen size mobile phone.

Powerful design

Powerful designs that can be appreciated by each and every visitors and make them stay on your Applicationss.

Complete access

Provide your customers a complete and easy access of your online store and control them to jump on other options.

Affordable Commerce

A mobile website takes very low development cost and benefits you a lot in branding your online store.

New sales channels

A mobile responsive website opens a new sales channel for you. The more channels you have the more possibility to increase your sales.

Compete with competitors

Several extra ordinary features of mobile responsive websites can help you in competing over your competitors.

Engage Customer on Multiple devices


Enhance traffic with mobile commerce

Turn your visitors into your customers

Mobile commerce solution offers advantages to both large and small businesses. Simple and effortless mobile commerce strategies are also helpful for both. The ecommerce entrepreneurs who have mobile responsive websites continue grow by providing a large and growing marketplace for a variety of goods to their customers.