How to start e-commerce business in India

How to Start E-Commerce Business in India

We all know that online shopping is picking up in a big way in India, it is changing the retail scenario totally. Even now there are so many new e-commerce ventures in India who already have huge customer base and they are not even 5 years old. For a smart entrepreneur it is enough alarm to start something in this field.

The First question which comes to his mind is 'what all things are basically needed to get into an online e-commerce venture' and so, in this article we are going to talk about "How to start e-commerce business in India".

Why to start e-commerce in India

There are multiple reasons for this, firstly, the internet penetration and awareness has increased tremendously in India in last 10 years. Secondly, 'one touch internet in mobile' is available every where in India now. Thirdly, India is the youngest country in the world and one of the most populated, and so, it is a big market for everyone.
I have few years of experience in starting up and establishing few e-commerce ventures, which I would like to share with you in steps. I hope this would guide in starting your own online venture.

'How to start e-commerce business in India' Step1: Figure out a perfect name for your business

One of the most important thing in any eCommerce venture is its remember-able domain name. Rule goes that it should be short, re-callable and easily spell-able without any mistake. After the boom in online business, it has become very hard to find a good '.com' domain, and so, we are providing you with some of the tools here to do that.

'How to start e-commerce business in India' step2: Get your Online Store made

After finalizing a good name for your e-commerce business next thing is to find a professional developer for your web store. You can hire web design agency or for better features and single point solution for everything you can contact any good e-commerce platforms in India, like Nationkart, who can even provide you with a website in monthly subscriptions. They also have tie-ups with other companies who provide services like logistic and payment gateway, so it becomes easy for you. Basically, they can support you in everything related to this business.

'How to start e-commerce business in India' step3: Registering an e-commerce company in India

Every one is puzzled with this particular question 'How to register e-commerce company in India', Well, registering a e-commerce company not very different from regular companies. It does not require any unique license or registration. It is just like any trading or retailing firm, you just have to get your firm registered, this may be as an individual proprietorship or partnership or if you want to go bigger from the start than a Pvt. Ltd company, but registering a pvt. ltd. has its own disadvantages. you can consult a CA if you want and then according to your requirement and future plans you can register any one of them. Business registration is important for an online venture for getting a payment gateway (as they will ask you for that) and for invoicing.

But then still there is question in everyone's is it really necessary to get the firm registered. As there are 100s of students and house wives getting into online business and no body of them want to through the hassle of dealing with all the legalities and process of documentation. And so, our answer is 'No', its not necessary to have a firm registered for online business. There are alternatives like payumoney payment gateway, which does not require any firm registration for starting it and it can be linked with saving accounts for transactions. Nationkart the ecommerce platform, provides websites which have payumoney payment gateway already linked in them.

'How to start e-commerce business in India' step4: How to get payment gateway in India

Payment gateway is the one of the major link for accepting online payments online in your website. There are two types of payment gateways in India:
1.) Payment gateways with no setup fees: these are very popular but they have higher TDR's ( Transaction rates ) per transaction. few examples are PayPal, Payumoney, Airpay etc.
2.) Payment gateways with setup fees: these have lesser TDR's per transaction and faster processing. few examples are Payu, ccavenue, directpay.
For applying for a payment gateway in India you will be required to submit few documents, like ID proofs, phone bills etc. They verify your address also. All this process approximately takes 10-15 days for completion.

'How to start e-commerce business in India' step5: E-commerce logistics in India

Next thing you will be needing is Currier service partner for logistics in India. For this either you can approach your local Currier service provider, who also have big network of logistic services through out india (and even abroad) like bluedart, aramex, fedex or you can talk to automatic logistics solution providers in India for e-commerce. You can take their Currier rates, taxes and delivery time, and compare. They may request you for an agreement signing, in which you can ask them for monthly billing, so that it becomes easy for you.

'How to start ecommerce business in India' step6: How to market your e-commerce in India

Online e-commerce stores are picking up prevalence nowadays. Their business is attaining outstanding stature. The purpose for their prosperity is the absence of time that individuals in the present world have. Occupied people didn't have room schedule-wise to shop, for them e-commerce stores have been a shelter.

Marketing your online store can be done either by paid marketing like Facebook Adds, Google display adds and other web based advertisements. And for long term, you can go for SEO and Social Media Marketing in India, this can also be outsourced to any professional company .

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