Everyone is fond of Internet as it provides the ease to do many things with a single click without moving or going anywhere. To avail these services, many merchants are giving their business an online presence to grow their business rapidly. People love to access online services to do many things like online shopping, online money transaction, online ticket booking, online recharge & many more. That’s why many companies are getting online to provide this kind of services. But creating an online store is not only the solution to develop a business or earn money you need to do marketing for your business as well.

There is a lot of techniques available to promote your business online & spread the awareness of what you are selling or providing services for. SEO or search engine optimization is one of the effective technique to promote online business. It is basically a set of methods that increase the ranking of a website. This is done to improve the search engine listing. When it comes to search engine based marketing SEO play an effective role in increasing the search engine ranking for your website. When it comes to SEO it has two kind of techniques to choose from the Black Hat & White Hat SEO.

Now here comes the white hat technique which has been approved by a variety of search engines. The process involves an addition of more content through the use of targeted keywords for improvement of the website quality. The black hat SEO is mainly concerned with an implementation of tricks like spamdexing & cloaking.
The main reason that a business organization would want to employ the seotechniques for their website is based on need for improvement of number & position with respect to search result based on a number of relevant keywords.SEO techniques also help in increasing the number of visitors to the business websites of the organization.The SEO activity is carried ahead only when the cost of optimization is considered less than the actual cost of advertising. It is not possible to employ similar kind of SEO techniques for all the websites. Broad search engine optimization techniques are employed for those websites that have a wide interest with user following thereby allowing them greater visibility through the use of specific keywords.Organic SEO is mainly employed in a manual way that does not involve any sort of black hat methods. Organic SEO stands out as the purest form of search engine optimization that is free from underhand methods and automated scripting. The main thing is to understand the working of search engines and their concept before making use of any SEO methods for the website.
With the increase of relevancy of pages, there are higher chances that the page will appear at the top of the listing. A search engine can be basically an automated software that run on a set of algorithms which judge the relevancy of website pages.

To allow all these you need to implement two types of SEO strategies ON Page & Off page optimization .On Page optimization is implemented while setting up the website by inserting robot.txt, site speed optimization, canonicalization,competition analysis, css validation, google base feeds, title tag optimization, imageoptimization, link validation, meta tag description & optimization. Whereas off page optimization includes several techniques like Web 2.0, Forum posting, Video creation & submission, Blogging, social bookmarking & many more generally it is link building tasks used to optimize the website in any search engine.
Basically In SEO, high search engine ranking is achieved through keyword research that also involves modification of HTML code.