It is the time when India is actually ready for E-commerce revolution. Now a day’s E-commerce is really a grooming sector which has lots of business opportunity and an ample of future scope.
The platform E-commerce provides an opportunity to buyers and suppliers to deals on single trading platform, i.e. provides a common market place for trading with lots of advantages:

1. Large Product Portfolio.
2. The Cost of Operations is very less. i.e. no Warehouse required.
3. Less time-consuming.
4. Proper management.
5. The Cost of Operations is very Low.
6. Lots of upcoming Brands / Merchants are available for tie up.
7. Very Easy to Set Up Business Operations.


1. The internet offers better deals and a wide range compare to supermarkets.
2. Lower search cost.
3. Open Global trade.

Main factor encouraging e-commerce is that people are now secure to using credit cards on the internet. And using mobile provides a supplementary benefit.

Unique aspects such as cash on delivery mode of payment and direct imports that lower the expenses are playing an important role to bring speedy growth in this industry in years to come.

E-commerce has many challenges like:-

1. Logistics – Time management i.e. delivered in ideal condition and within precise time.
2. Merchant Management.
3. Payment collection and taxes.
4. Cyber crime in e-commerce.
5. Cultural and legal issue.
6. Inappropriateness for the certain industry.


E-commerce in India is just coming into reality which plays a very important role for developing countries like India. E-commerce is possibly the best thing that has happened to Indian middle class and rising small businesses. In India Ecommerce involved in many sectors like travel, automobiles, financial services, gifts, matrimony, stock trading, real estate, job search, shopping, net banking, online retailing, online ads and many more.

In Indian e-commerce still has a long way to go, it just in its starting phase. On today’s date less than 9% of Indians having an internet connection compared to other country. Nearly 200 million Indians upcoming online in the next three years. This is about 88% expansion in Indian e-commerce.

Indian e-commerce can become built-up and efficient if it can broadly apply information technology to boost efficiency and develop e-commerce applications.