Scope of ecommerce business in India  has a great future ahead before going on to the topic, first we have to understand what E-commerce is. “Business is done by using electronic medium or by using the internet” E-commerce is the platform not only related to shopping of good over the internet, transaction done to book your movie ticket also comes under E-commerce sector. Now talking about the growth of this sector in Indian scenario is very phenomenal. In recent years, E-commerce had grown at the rate of 88% which is considered as fastest growth by any sector in India. In terms of capital Indian E-commerce industry in 2013 has the total value of $ 13 billion, which is the estimated to touch $100 billion by FY 2020. The major reason for this growth is the increase of Internet users; India has reached the second position in the world which is just behind our neighboring country china. It is also due the increasing number of mobile internet user in India. The E-commerce solution providers had enjoyed this huge growth by getting funds from venture capitalist companies to expand their business. Many venture capitalist firms have shown interest in startup’s in this E-commerce sector.

Development of E-commerce in India

By keeping these entire factors in account, the scope of E-commerce business in India is good; this encourages the entrepreneurs to start new establishments in India. The new segments in E-commerce business like grocery, fast food, medicine, ticketing are the hot favorites of startups nowadays. By this, we are experiencing the changes in every aspect of this sector like logistics, warehousing, payment gateways. These services had evolved a lot since last two years; Because of these factors and evolution of internet marketing raised the expectation of startup to get success is increased.

E-commerce business opportunities in India

The e-commerce business opportunities in India depend on the following factors:
1. Internet penetration
2. Ease of using the internet.
3. Creating awareness in rural areas of the country about the internet.
4. Funding of E-commerce companies.
5. Facilities and services provided by the companies.


All though India has secured the second position in the world but, its internet penetration is very low as compared to the other countries in this list. But it is growing at faster rate hence it expected that with the increase of this value the number of people come in contact with the internet which encourages them to shop online.


The ecommerce in India depends on the way in which internet is provided to the customers, I mean to say the how easily they can access the internet for use. Many internet provider companies are evolving their system to provide better and fast internet services to the customers. It is the good sign for Indian E-commerce websites to provide their services.


Even though India is growing very fast towards digitization of every field but when we see rural areas the development in the field of the internet is not appreciable. The Large population of the country lives in this part so when we provide the internet to them it helps to grow them and get the fair chance to E-commerce companies to grow there.

FUNDING OF E-COMMERCE COMPANIES: Funding of E-commerce companies can help them to grow their business which is good for this sector.


The scope of E-commerce business in India also depends on the facilities that are provided by the new E-commerce solution providers to their customers; their growth is totally linked with the quality of services and facilities provided by them.

Future Scope of E-commerce in India

One more factor which encouraged the E-commerce sector to excel more is the Induction of many new schemes of Indian govt. This has the motive to eradicate the problems of the internet in India. Collectively the growth of Scope eCommerce website in India is really excellent by keeping present scenario in mind. It also encouraged E-commerce solution provider companies to expand their business by providing their facilities to build online store and help new entrepreneurs to be the part of this growth.

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