M-commerce is one of the most innovative approaches related to e-commerce and online shopping, which takes the e-commerce world to a next level in the digital world. But now a question arise” what exactly does the m-commerce means?”- . M-commerce is abbreviated for mobile commerce which means providing online shopping world in costumer’s pocket, it means e-commerce with wireless devices like PDAs, cell phones, pagers etc. It is not different than e-commerce but it has some additional benefits like:

1. Security
2. Usability
3. Heterogeneous Technologies
4. Business Model Issues
5. Standardization

Mobile commerce is a commercial business between both B2C and B2B entities via mobile devices. It is a part of broader e-commerce market which accommodates any commercial transaction via the internet. It is a fragment of mobile value added services (MVAS). MVAS are services, which are provided by telecom operators directly or indirectly, further than standard voice calls
Indian mobile e-commerce statistics: The mounting usage of  the mobile device has transformed the need and outlook of consumers. Products are gradually more searched on mobile devices, compared and eventually purchased. In India out of 354 million internet users 60% of these internet users access internet using mobile phones. According to current statistics Indian e-commerce market size is approximately around $16 billion and it is growing like a weed.


Advantages of m-commerce market over traditional market:

1. Large Product Portfolio, so easy to find                         the product.
2. Low cost of operation and better quality of                    services.
3. No Warehouse required i.e. No need of physical          company set-ups needed.
4. Buying and selling is available 24/7.
5. Easy to start and manage the business.

Product and services offered by m-commerce are such as Mobile money transfer, Mobile ATM, Mobile ticketing, Mobile vouchers, coupons and loyalty cards, Content purchase and delivery, Location-based services, Information services like stock quotes, financial record, Mobile marketing and advertising, mobile browsing and many more
shopper can make use of various payment mode in mobile commerce like, credit card and debit card, micropayment services, premium-rate telephone number, which apply charges to the consumer’s long-distance bill, store value cards etc.

The M-commerce sector is poised for expansion in the Indian market due to its essential connection to the booming mobile telephone sector. It’s always a good idea to keep an eye on what’s new, Mobile commerce is an important part of any retailer’s strategy. Now m-commerce is in its blossoming stages, it is slated to boom over the next few years with growing sophistication and lower prices of mobile handsets.

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