Are you thinking to start your own blog???? Awesome idea!

The minute you finalize to employ your blog so as to make profit and cash, then you’re are not only a blogger. You instantly turn out to be a capitalist, and the blogging of yours develop into a small business in itself.

But damn, how to start a blog????

There’s a lot and lot of information on the internet nowadays, but which one is to be believed- it is all quite confusing right. But all your worries are at the end. Good news, huh?

 In this blog, you will get to know certain basics of blogging and how to make money out of it.

Why should one create blogs?

Here we are outlining the basic steps you need to follow so as to make your personal blog popular. As we all know that blogging is one of the finest ways of spreading the news as well as the information worldwide and one of the best reason is you make a lot and lots of money. Just remember for starting a blog you have to follow some steps

  1. Select the preferable platform for blogging.
  2. Set up the blog domain
  3. Appropriate Designing of the blog
  4. Blog of High quality
  5. Show up your real personality and be authentic

Finally, we made it… well again late than never!  You can also initiate your blog with food blogs, travel blog, lifestyle blog, tech blogs, fashion blog, news blog and there are much more.  Remember Google is the easiest way to earn money, the only thing you should know is the right approach like you can login to  is for more research.


Food blogs

Many writers get the question of how to start a food blog and make money? So don’t panic there’s way out to each and everything. Many of us have the passion for cooking or there are some people who want to see the sights of culinary venues. For all those people food blogs turn out to be the best platform for sharing as well as searching. Like other topics, food is classified as the wide-ranging topic plus with the well-formulated approach and by targeting the particular niche, you can hit in the marketplace.

Food blogs are not all about recipe posting, you can post other content also like shopping guides, reviews of restaurant, tips, and tactics. All these things are also visualized by a large number of audiences on food blogs. Make some money out of your hobby and show to the world the real you. For more worldwide reach you can merge food with niches like lifestyles or with the traveling niches. You can also hone your cooking ideas merge with photography skills and can start a food blog via Instagram.

Lifestyle blog

If you have a deep love for writing, then you lifestyle blogging is one for you. You get to share the lifestyle knowledge and understanding with the world. Making your hobby the passion is the best thing. Your lifestyle blog can be a hub for sharing adventures, enthusiasm, and emotion.

The lifestyle blogging is Great Avenue for making revenue.  For more sweetening the pot, it’s like mixing pleasure with business. Online marketing is like making online money and many bloggers all around the world take profit of this.

The lifestyle blogging is completely organized irrespective of the fact how many categories you need to explore. With charismatic photographs and with the good writing becoming a lifestyle blogger is a simple and fun way of earning online money.

Tech blogs

Blogging seems to one of the finest methods so as to represent yourself as a tech professional. It is the best savvy way for a techie to represent himself/herself on a worldwide platform. But mostly importantly it is a combination of writing, determination, audacity and knowledge.

Once Dalai Lama said:  Share the knowledge. If you need to gain position in the blogging world, you should focus on open source software or game development bringing a rightful amount of sincerity to it.

Remember you should have reliable knowledge about the subject you are blogging unless it is a waste of time. It’s like you must enjoy the work you are doing, it is as simple as that.

You should be passionate about your subject, by the simple explanation about the technical matters you can succeed as a tech blogger. With the best tech blogs, you can gather the targeted niche in the simplest possible way.

News blogs

Many of us may get the question of how to start a news website or blog. It’s all simple and with some interesting writings, you can too be a news blogger.  Blogs are like the web journals that need to be updated all the time. These are the like original news which you share with the people in your words with the general public. By sharing your own perspective you share the important news like a professional blogger to masses. so as to be a perfect blogger you should follow below points

  • You have to develop a style of writing that too with a perfect tone that suits to your news subject
  • You should post the news often
  • Allow the readers to comment on the post by this you get to know about their perspective in one common platform

With an incredible writing style, appropriate voice plus with an interesting readable material you can be a top news blogger.


Travel blogs

The first thing you should know as a travel blogger is to know your audience. Starting a travel blog is like generating interest in people for traveling by sharing your travel stories or sharing some stories about traveling places. You should have a different voice as compared to other bloggers. Don’t be a cliché like you should not be boring. Your travel stories should be interesting; it should be about meeting new people. By posting fascinating photos with the blog you can Instagrammed heck out of the viewers. Photographs are truly important for the travel blog. Do remember that you should be consistently updated, like every day. There should no excuses to it.

Fashion blogs

Let’s not sugarcoat anything; blogging is a hard thing to do and that too starting a fashion blog, it is like entering in the niche which is cramped as well as crowded that you will find hard time struggling. The basic thing you need to know as a fashion blogger is to know what the people want. You all know that you need a domain and a host extra. Then the important thing is publishing the exciting content your brain can manage like the latest outfits. Remember networking is very important. You should make friends; it’s like making a place in Google+.

By following all this you can be a perfect blogger right?? Not yet

These are the basic thing to become a blogger but to make money from blogging you need to be different being different means you are alive. It sound’s dramatic right? But it is damn true.  If you`re a blogger then to build a number 1 blog, you need to be fabulous, your work needs to be fabulous. First, ask yourself why people will read your blog? Why are you writing the blog? You need to take the risk. Try to write something that matters to you. Don’t try to be like everyone else. If your writing can bring change in the reader’s mind then that’s it… You will be successful in achieving the right place as a blogger.

With all these, you get to know how to start a blog? And what all things you need for a blog.

Now, what are you waiting for? Make your own blog with…Guys, it’s time to make some money online.

Thanks for reading.